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Fanning the Flame at Tiblana - Case Study Example

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This essay demonstrates that the threat is worth addressing in social media since the complaining customer is gaining popularity in his defamatory information. Social media is now one of the most efficient channels of communicating to a large audience…
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Fanning the Flame at Tiblana
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Extract of sample "Fanning the Flame at Tiblana"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, there is a looming threat of current or potential customers perceiving the company as insensitive to clients’ complaints, if it ignores the customer’s online complaints. I should immediately begin monitoring and be responding to the customer’s criticism appropriately. I must rush to my organization’s online sites and social media platforms to convince followers and clients that Tiblana will always remain a thought leader among its customers when it comes to quality candles. I will not forget embracing business and professional review websites like Yelp and Angie’s List to respond to reviews about Tiblana. According to Dennis, all responses in an online platform will always be professional and intended to both mitigate the reputational damage and appease the customer (19).
As much as my invaluable asset as a social media manager is time, a company’s reputation is its most crucial asset (Dennis 15). Damage to its image among the customers may result in a massive loss of customers, revenue, investors, and employees. Thus, the risk of reputation is something that a company can no longer ignore. The proliferation of social media platforms has heightened these concerns. Tiblana’s reputation can be ruined in a matter of minutes. It is because more disgruntled customers and competitors join the complaining customer to broadcast defamatory information, often under anonymity. If I fail to spend time in counteracting the information, they will instantly be accepted to be true worldwide.
In my addressing and researching the customer’s issue and social media impact, I should involve the personnel of the company. The entire sales and marketing department and staff need to know the matter to enable them to boost their marketing strategies against competitors and false accusations. I also need to notify the technical and production department personnel that manufactured the specific batch. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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