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The Concept of Media in Modern Time - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper describes the media as the key to developing the identity of the youth and children in the modern world. Children and their identity are based on the music what they used to like in their childhood days. Singing was one such identity that used to develop among the children…
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The Concept of Media in Modern Time
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Download file to see previous pages Such models like cartoons and another child program in the television, radio and on the Internet have not always been available for use to young people when growing up. Nowadays when children come home from school; switch on the television and watch the programs specially designed for them. Similarly, magazines also have a great effect on the creation of an identity, not just in young people but among adult also. For example, there are continuous grievances made about the picture of thin models in style magazines that superficially inspire young women to want to be like them only. Willis mentioned “developing in tandem with the expansion of particular commodity markets, records, fashion, make-up and toiletries, targeted at the newly discovered affluent youth market”. (Willis, 53). If we compare the present scenario, magazines are unlike newspapers and most of the young people consider the magazine as exciting as those are more like one to one basis for the young star. The young star can have control over the magazine in terms of what they choose to read. Willis also mentioned that the advice/suggestion posts in magazines is the must-read for the young people and offer young women with symbolic resources about their personal and family lives. The research demonstrates the fact that generally, an American youth spends "6 ½ hours per day" busy with some kind of social media or other media related services. It is a considerable amount of time that a young star is associated with the internet. This is not only a method to entertain oneself, but also act as a peripheral force for relative research regarding the development of identity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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