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Master of Science in Integrated Marketing - of Purpose - Personal Statement Example

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However, I have not taken maximum advantage of these opportunities because of my handicap in regards to academic qualifications. The Master of Science in…
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Master of Science in Integrated Marketing - Statement of Purpose
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"Master of Science in Integrated Marketing - of Purpose"

Download file to see previous pages The limited experience I have gained as a marketer has shown me that I belong to the profession. I find it exciting, fulfilling, and challenging; therefore, a graduate degree in the discipline occurs to me almost by default.
As an aspiring marketer, I have taken the initiative to be more competitive and marketable so long as I still seek personal and professional contentment. Marketing is one of the oldest aspects of modern business, and the opportunities are endless. Marketing is also one of the most lucrative professions, but I am aware that higher perks are commensurate with academic and professional competence. I am quite ambitious and driven individual, and I would not like to see other marketers grow while I struggle with my undergraduate degree. During my time as an intern, I witnessed the power of academic qualifications at play. In all the organizations I worked the managers held graduate degrees in their areas of specialization. The marketing managers possessed either a great deal of professional experience or had advanced certifications in marketing. This showed me that my growth as a marketer depends on how excellently I position myself.
I have learned that professional growth resembles marketing in many ways. Like the products I market, I have to reinvent myself, excellently position myself, become visible, and prove that I am the best option available. The graduate degree in marketing is part of my positioning statement, marketing pitch, and competitive advantage. I am positive that by the time I complete the program I will be strategically positioned to exploit the opportunities and benefits created by my advanced degree. Marketing has become more competitive over time, and employers have also revised their strategies of hiring and recruiting marketing practitioners (Baaghil 25). Professional qualifications are no longer the main requirement for excelling in the field of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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