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Leisure time - Essay Example

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Despite the fact that some people usually engage in certain work-related activities for pleasure, such should never be considered as…
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Leisure time
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, gender differences also determine certain variance that exists in leisure, as men seem to engage more in leisure as compared to the females. Free and leisure time remains a crucial period for adolescents, especially those below the age of fifteen, for developmental purposes. Such development is influenced by the parental attitude towards interest and control with the motivational style on the adolescent as the mediating aspect (Olszewska and Roberts, 2009). Based on such a perspective, this paper seeks to make a determination on which goods and services are marketable in the coming decade for leisure activities for children aged fifteen years and above.
Kids usually engage in various activities as a means of spending their leisure time, most especially on activities of highest interests. Considering the tremendous technological development that the world is experiencing today, the kinds of activities that kids engage in during their leisure time, have equally taken a different dimension. A majority of kids spend their leisure time on activities affiliated to technology rather than in other social activities. Ideally, on an average day, kids spend approximately 2.7 hours in a possible free time of five hours watching TV. Majorities of TV stations today vary in their programming, and, therefore, provides kids with an opportunity of broadening their view. Kids of fifteen years and above are at a particular stage of their lives in which the happenings in their environments determine their behavior and activities. Additionally, the activities that interest them most are the same ones that the kids get involved in mostly. From the chart, it is a clear indication that kids ideally, spend a better part of their leisure time in watching TV, which takes a substantive part of their leisure time at 2.7 hours of a possible five hours. TV watching is far followed by socializing and communication, which takes approximately thirty-eight minutes of the five ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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