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SPSS analysis description - Research Paper Example

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Such structures are considered to potentially last longer, in addition to requiring lesser maintenance as compared to conventional structures. Additionally, the DIY composite…
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SPSS analysis description
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Download file to see previous pages lso known as engineered wood, DIY composite wood includes an extensive range of derivative wood products manufactured by binding or fixation of strands, particles, fibers, or veneers (boards of wood), with adhesives, or other fixation methods in order to form composite materials. The products are engineered to match specific design specifications that are tested in order to meet national/international standards. The products are used in a range of applications, including, home construction, commercial construction and industrial products. Further, the products are usable for beams and joists which have replace steel in several construction projects.
Composite products have a lengthy history of provision of safe and comfortable shelters. Over the last 60 years, development of gluing, connection as well as grading technology has produced new engineered wood products which extend even beyond possibilities for construction of wood. Estimates indicate that more than 90% of existing houses in North America are made of composite materials1. In this area, duplexes, row houses as well as three-story apartments, approximately 85% of are made of wood frames. Additionally, most of the low-rise commercial buildings are made from wooden products. DIY wooden products open new possibilities for use of wood in more such buildings, thanks to their increased span capability as well as performance characteristics2.
Conventionally, the products are made from hardwoods and softwoods similar to the ones inn lumber manufacture. Sawmill scraps as well as other wood waste can be used in engineered wood comprised of wood particles/fibers, although whole logs are typically used for veneers, including plywood, MDF and particle board3. Existing literature suggest that such composite materials combined with other materials are subject to adoption of multiple safety measures throughout their entire manufacturing processes. Such precautionary measures are important in mitigation of probable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SPSS Analysis Description Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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