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Peculiarities of Movies' Promotion as Intangible Products - Assignment Example

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The paper “Peculiarities of Movies' Promotion as Intangible Products” defines the differenсe between tangible and intangible attributes as such and regarding the films' production and promotion. When using numbered-sequel a presentation is important, while for a named sequel, it's not needed.  …
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Peculiarities of Movies Promotion as Intangible Products
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Extract of sample "Peculiarities of Movies' Promotion as Intangible Products"

Download file to see previous pages Movies are deemed intangible or experiential because they appeal both to the senses and the emotions. Movies, unlike tangible products such as toothpaste, have experiential attributes like “the original movie’s storyline, its genre, and memorable scenes. These attributes are typically featured in movie trailers and television ads; hence, they should be relatively easy to recall. In contrast to physical goods, we suggest that experiential attributes such as the storyline and genre tend to satiate such that consumers prefer to experience something different in the sequel; hence, dissimilarity is preferred to similarity”  (Sanjay Sood).
There are three studies completed in the research article to examine four hypotheses. If you were planning the marketing strategy of a sequel, which hypothesis would be the most interesting to you? Which study? Why?
The most interesting fact for someone planning a marketing strategy is Hypothesis 2: There will be an interaction between naming strategy and order of presentation in sequel evaluations. Numbered extensions will be rated more favorably when the title is presented after the description that when the title is presented before the description. There will be no significant difference in sequel evaluations when a naming strategy is used.
This hypothesis is highly confirmed by Study 2. The study has the following findings: The pattern of interactions between presentation order and naming strategy suggests that numbered-sequel evaluations involved a greater degree of assimilation, indicating a greater reliance on the original movie as a basis for evaluations. When the numbered title was shown after the sequel description, respondents took longer to evaluate the sequels, they recalled more about the sequels, and they evaluated the numbered sequels more favorably. On the other hand, Consistent with a more piecemeal processing strategy, named sequels took longer to evaluate, and recall of sequel information was higher relative to a numbered sequel  (Sanjay Sood). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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