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Theories and methods of employee motivation - Essay Example

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The success of a company tremendously depends on the joint efforts of individual in different levels and departments of production or service delivery. In any…
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Theories and methods of employee motivation
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, from the preceded discussion, it is clear that success of a company partly falls on the ability of the manager to employ appropriate employee motivation strategies.
There are various motivational methods available around the globe all depended on several factors such as culture, company structure, and intended goal of motivation. The first method applicable, in this case, is empowerment. It involves the technique of granting the employees more responsibility and a chance to be consulted in the decision-making process. Furthermore, involving the employees in decision making enables them to create goals and objectives which will make them feel accountable to achieve as they were part of the creation. Such sense of responsibility improves the productivity of individuals as they intend to prove their suggestions are doable. The method can be related to the control theory of employee motivation (Fernandez and Pitts 2011). Involving employees in decision-making gives them a sense of control over what is happening in the company.
It is an effective method considering the company is embracing technology in various departments. The implementation of this technique is through the use of questionnaires, suggestion letters and holding branch meetings regarding the issue. The intended changes should be openly told to the people for them to have a good basis to offer viable suggestions and opinions. Such a step is cheap as the expense incurred would involve the creation of the questionnaires, and minor expenses f holding the meetings. The success of such an initiative can be evaluated through analysis of productivity and employee attitude towards the changes taking place in the company. Furthermore, such an initiative would be beneficial in reducing the supervision cost required as most of the employee would feel obligated to the suggestions and thus work towards achieving the set goals. The method can be implemented immediately considering ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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