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Use adaptive leadership to solve the culture issues - Essay Example

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It involves their daily practices, religious beliefs, values and interpretation of behavior. Every group of people has a culture to which they associate themselves. For this reason, cultures can be subdivided into…
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Use adaptive leadership to solve the culture issues
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, the micro-cultures exhibit the intrinsic or extrinsic microsystems of an organization (Schein 2010, pg22).
Organizational cultures tend to dominate within an organization since every new member gets introduced to it, and they slowly get engulfed. They determine the practices of individuals within the group whose behaviors in return develop a pattern. In leadership, organizational cultures determine the strategies in accomplishing routine tasks. Fundamentally, for any successful leader, identification of any preexisting cultures, acknowledgement of its existence and comprehension of the shared values may be necessary (Schein 2010, pg31).
In Global project management, a different form of leadership may be necessary. A global mindset with effective global leadership frameworks to overcome cross-cultural differences in the workplace may be necessary for every leader (House et al 2002, pg. 3). With more globalization trends in the world, individuals tend to yearn for more self-actualization at work, and they take risks for positions offered globally away from home (HASS 2009, pg35). Traditionally, leadership relationship encompassed only two participants; the leader and a follower. In the contemporary world, success in leadership needs adaptive leadership. The competency of an individual in adaptive leadership within a transnational environment involves ability to adapt to various cultures, contexts and norms (Glover et al. 2012, pg. 18)..
The attributes of adaptive leadership cosmopolitanism entails the ability to be comfortable away from home. Secondly, fearlessness in business which involves taking risks into new ventures. Thirdly, necessary curiosity to express genuine interest in the people within the new environment is important (SEGIL 2002, pg27). Fourth, one needs to suspend their suspension of judgment by expressing readiness to learn before making ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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