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A Capstone Experience(Market Position Analysis)1 - Assignment Example

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The hypothesis that you do not know when and where a business ideology may strike you is not only evident in the case of ZARA founder Armancio Ortega, but is similarly evident in the case of both Lawrence and Joan Gelb, who were confronted with the ideology of putting up a hair…
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A Capstone Experience(Market Position Analysis)1
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Download file to see previous pages Based on the ingredients that are used in the manufacture of the above-mentioned products, they can be classified into different categories ranging from nice and easy products as well as those that have some touch of natural components hence the name natural instincts. Their also exists the perfect lighteners category. The care products whose components are majorly herbs are known as herbal essence. This project aims to provide more insight on the various hair care products that Clairol Company injects into the market.
Based on the above-mentioned description, it goes without saying that most of the target customers of Clairol Company are of the female gender. This is because females use such products on several occasions. That notwithstanding, it is of great significance to note that Clairol Company similarly takes into consideration the demands of males, and provides personal care products that can be used by males to take care of their beards and to trim their moustache. Individuals who are ageing and are not ready to let their youthfulness go are also considered by the Clairol Company as the institution produces age defying products, that come in handy in ensuring that an individual can be of considerable age yet they still appear young.
Clairol Company is able to reach out to their immense customer base through several stores that they have across various regions (Sherrow, 2006). Of more interest is the fact that most of their stores are stocked with care products that play a specific role. This is to imply that if a store is meant to have permanent hair color products, then it is only stocked with that. In like manner, it is of great significance to note that several retail stores are also stocked with products from Clairol Company. This makes it easier for their interested customers to acquire such products.
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