Consulting critical path analysis - Case Study Example

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Therefore, a research team should carry out a market survey for an in-depth analysis. Moreover, there are quite some differences between the technical and the sales team…
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Consulting critical path analysis
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Download file to see previous pages duce products that are innovative in the real sense which is wasting a lot of resources and time of the company, therefore this should also be looked at and the company should come up with a better plan of where and how to invest the capital. All these steps are vital to be carried out in an order so that the company can benefit from them.
The first step towards coming up with an optimal solution would be to find a common ground for both the technical and sales team. This has to be done in order to work collaboratively with more resources to help solve the case. The technical and the sales team might seem an odd couple, but these days a product’s success depend upon the cooperation, ability, and willingness of the teams involved in it. Despite the differences between the technical and sales team, they are more linked then they actually think. In order to achieve success for themselves it is important that they work together for the success of the product, or a strategy in this case, from product launch concept to its implementation both of the teams’ efforts are required. Therefore, it is important that this not so odd couple be realized that there is only one way to conquer their common goal; to work together. Once both the teams realize the common ground between them, the strategy formulation stage would be made easy and highly productive. (Kelly, 2002)
The second stage that needs to be undertaken is the research stage. The case presented states that there has not been enough research done on the following issue, and without much analysis the consultants have highlighted the high volume of the products as the main reason for the decline in sales. Therefore, it is important to be sure of the issue and do additional research for that matter. In the research stage, the research teams carry out a consumer survey to find out their preferences and come forward with solid results supported by genuine facts and figures. If still the result is the same then the next ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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