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SBTV - Company History and Key Executives - Speech or Presentation Example

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The abbreviation SB stands for Smokey Barbz (Nolan, 2014, 144). Young people who obtain their content from different entertainment-based events run the web-based company. The company usually…
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SBTV - Company History and Key Executives
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Download file to see previous pages It has a working connection with musicians from the United States with more and more people-taking note of them. Its headquarters is 145-157 St John Street, London, United Kingdom (Solovic, 2011, 204).
Jamal Edwards who was a fifteen year old at the time founded SBTV in 2006. He started filming amateur videos of underground rappers then proceeded to post them on YouTube. He shared the videos with friends and within a short time, it became the go-to channel for up and coming musicians and rappers. Majority of musicians in the United Kingdom can attribute their entry and subsequent success to the company because it propelled them to stardom (Kerr, 2012, 16).
The company aired its first video in February of 2007 and from then on, it became a huge success and after some time, it started to offer lifestyle interviews and events coverage. Following the success of the company within such a short time, it was decided that, to make it more successful, they had to incorporate other genres of music to attract more followers Such as, acoustic and jazz music. The company offers three main services. They include production, production and editorial services. Since the company is internet based, this makes its work easier because it has a platform to reach as many people as possible.
The company broadcasts its content be it interviews, music or videos on its YouTube channel while the increased interest in social media platforms such as facebook and twitter have enabled it connect with many people across the world. The company prints several urban publications that have penetrated the market due to their knowledge on how to relate to a younger audience. The company also boasts of experienced staff equipped with the knowledge concerning the latest news in the entertainment industry. For example, the new releases of new music, movies and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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