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The essay under the title "Organizational Impact" concerns the significance of the organizational impact. For instance, at Wal-Mart company, a human capital development largely focused on creating innovation, design, and creativity among its workforce. …
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Organizational Impact
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Download file to see previous pages The company uses a more qualitative approach, which does not require much data collection from without the organization but from within it. In such cases, in-house leaders such as departmental heads and managers are made to present reports and memos on the current strategic positions of their departments. Most often than not, these reports and memos are not used in isolation but linked to the quantitative data collection to authenticate the claims of the in-house leaders from the perspective of the outside world. At other times, the qualitative evaluation is simplified so much so that leaders of the organization merely make productive inferences of the output of work within the organization. This is to say that the leaders measure the impact of innovation, design, and creativity on strategy by measuring the change in productivity and growth. Zenger and Folkman justify this approach by saying that wherever there is innovation, design, and creativity, there ought to be growth and development. Therefore where there is growth, it can simply be assumed that strategies in place are adequately working in a manner that is most justifiable. The consideration of processes and products at Wal-Mart is another important practice that the leadership of the organization has been constantly involved in. The rationale to emphasizing on processes and services is that they help in determining levels of customer satisfaction and aid in ensuring that the company serves customers in a manner that is most desirable and meets the expectations of customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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