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Brief Case analysis - Essay Example

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The junior Varsity crew continuously beat the Varsity boat during the practice. Why does Varsity side constantly to the Junior Varsity team? Other questions that arise include…
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Brief Case analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Switching cannot be done since Varsity team had an unblemished and recognized physical gain over Junior Varsity boat and could still beat the Junior Varsity team. An essential issue arises as Varsity boat is decelerating down because of employing individuals in the boats.
A fundamental query worth noting is whether this was an obligatory undertaking and why it had to happen. No one was a leading light while several others were team disrupters. Rowing on the water as a team is yet another question that arises. What should the two teams do about it? Finally the last issue that arises is whether the army crew team can be likened to an organizational team. The answer is certainly no due to incapability to substitute hastily each of the team members.
A good decision needs to be made by evaluating the situation at hand, assessing the different options available and coming up or deciding on a solution that will affect the long-term performance of both teams in a positive way. In regard to promoting junior team to a varsity team, one crucial question arises that needs to be addressed i.e. whether this will have an effect on the performance of the team as a whole and whether the all the junior varsity team members qualify to join the varsity team. Making a wrong decision can heavily impact negatively on the performance of the crew and as a result, special attention has to be given when deciding on this option. The junior team members cannot be promoted to Varsity team.
Keeping the members in their original teams and trying to intervene to improve on the performance of both teams seems pleasant as it ensures that both teams add in serious effort towards attaining their key goals and objectives. When it comes to switching a small number of team members of each group, a significant question has to be taken into consideration before making the step i.e. which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Brief Case Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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