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Globalization and integration: the impact of technology in Agricultural production industry - Essay Example

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One ultimate factor is human migration, which affects a region’s workforce. Another factor that promotes globalization is international trade, and the movement of capital. Through economic border transactions, it is clear that…
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Globalization and integration: the impact of technology in Agricultural production industry
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Download file to see previous pages Globalization and technology go hand in hand. It is through the advancement in technology that production on a wide-scale is encouraged, and sales done on a global basis. One famous quote is by Wendell Berry, a famous essay writer, who believes that innovation is the backbone of the economic and globalization euphoria. He believes that innovation makes economies grow, and that any failure to make things better through technology is detrimental to globalization. This is true, to some extent, as many individuals believe that technology in agricultural industries increases the chances of having more produce (Michelman 2001). The labour force and manpower is also reduced significantly through technological innovations.
There are various benefits that come with technology in the agricultural industries. One of them has already been mentioned above. However, the main benefit that individuals associate technology with agriculture is the innovation that allows produce to grow and mature much faster. This, unlike in the past, may have a positive impact on countries or regions that have unpredictable climatic conditions. Countries with hot climate, which may not be conducive for the growth of crops, can push for innovation in these industries. The introduction and advancement in technology has made this possible (Hennis 2001).
Through innovation, there is the creation of channels that promote easier transportation of agricultural products. This service sector, in most parts of the world, is the largest job generator and may continue to be so because; there is always a demand for food. Any attempts to reduce the workforce labour with machines may prove to be a daunting task to all those involved in the growth of this public sector (Hennis 2005). The sale of products through technology has been made easier. This is through the internet, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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