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Weill - Essay Example

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Innovation and change are the key drivers of success and as such, it is important for organizational management to inculcate various norms that promote the…
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Extract of sample "Weill"

no. Cultural evolution and change in IT governance The contemporary world is characterized by continuous change, which forces organizations to innovate in order to survive. Innovation and change are the key drivers of success and as such, it is important for organizational management to inculcate various norms that promote the desired innovation and change.
In order to optimize the value of technology within an organization, Weill & Ross advocate for IT governance (10). Weill & Ross state that IT governance demands the application of the right decisions that promote agreeable behaviors, thus encouraging accountability in the field of IT (10). In the IT model, Weill & Ross identify various guiding principles. One of the principles concerns the process of making decisions that are in accord with organizational objectives (57). Since people are different, an organization is bound to have an array of choices in as far as innovation is concerned. Another principle of IT governance concerns the management’s role in the process of cultural evolution. According to Richerson & Genet, the role of the management in as far as decision making, performance review, and participation in committees is crucial to the success of IT governance (22).
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Weill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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