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Human Resource Management Issues - Essay Example

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One of the growing issues faced by Human Resource (HR) department is the high turnover rate due to lack of management; if the issue is not addressed properly by the HR professionals, there are many chances that the organization’s performance is severely impacted. In order to…
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Human Resource Management Issues
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Download file to see previous pages When the management structure will be revamped and there will be supportive and conducive work environment for the employees, the motivation level of staff will be enhanced and they will be reluctant to leave the organization. Hence, by altering the management structure, an organization will definitely be able to address this HR issue and ensure that it has a productive and highly effective workforce.
One of the major problems that are faced by an organization is high employee turnover and it has been found by Guest (2011) that the key factor that causes increase in this turnover rate is lack of proper management. When there are insufficient or improper mechanisms for talent or employee management, there is a huge possibility that the employees start leaving the organization on voluntary basis. Most of the employees are willing to switch to other jobs because they have lack of clarity about the organization’s purpose and the business tends to possess various unstable elements.
The Human Resource (HR) department has to ensure that everything in the organization is organized and disciplined so that the employees have awareness about their tasks, policies that need to be followed and actions that will be taken in case of non-compliance (Berman et al., 2009). It has been found that the organizations that have high level of inefficiency or instability have high turnover rate. Although the organizations are unaware of the real problem that causes increase in turnover rate; it is important for them to keep an eye on the turnover rate as it might be an indication of some problem in the company that might need to be immediately addressed.
Proper management means that the employees should be given the leverage of enhancing their skills and they should be given space to prove their expertise in the field; the goals of each employee have to be aligned with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource Management Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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