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The Article Religious Groups and Work Values - Essay Example

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The paper " The Article Religious Groups and Work Values" highlights that in a situation where a company is dealing with Hindus owing to venture into their region, from a Christian dominated region, the company has to adjust its common religious values…
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The Article Religious Groups and Work Values
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Download file to see previous pages This follows the fact that an employee will feel more motivated to work if the employer identifies with his religion and understands it to the extent of knowing what is allowed, and what is illegal. This is, addition to the surrounding people, for a company, is not only built by the staff but also the community in which is located.
Therefore, a company is more likely to be successful by respecting its religion, and religion can only be respected if the employees together with the employers know the pros and cons of the religion.
The authors go about this by focusing on the major religions of the world to determine how these specific groups affect the work values. This is after many pieces of research carried out indicating a significant contribution of religion to work values. The authors assert that the importance of this recognition is being influenced by globalization that is on a rapid increase. Therefore, the importance of religion comes in when multinationals want to venture into places that are distant (Parboteeah 58). This means that the places are of different geographical positions as well as cultural differences in terms of core values of the communities, and the religion they hold close to the heart. They also acknowledge the need for understanding this link of religion to work values because the technology has led into a globalised village where different people of different religions search for jobs anywhere that fit their specifications. The authors assert that there are two work values that are affected by religion, and these are extrinsic and intrinsic values. Therefore given the fact that these values are socially expressed these work values can, thus, be derived from motivation (Parboteeah 55). The authors, therefore, determine this relationship by relating the religion to principles that enable the living of people which is directly connected to the foundations of human society.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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