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Goals and Objectives Enhanced the Authority Within the Organization - Assignment Example

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The author of the essay establishes and evaluates the goals and objectives that enhance authority and accountability within the organization. Then, the author analyzes and evaluates a strategic initiative for accountability and governance within the organization
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Goals and Objectives Enhanced the Authority Within the Organization
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Download file to see previous pages All-out efforts should be in place to make sure that the accountability aspects are also taken care of and proper consideration needs to be paid on the fact that the goals and objectives of the organization geared for the long term are adequately met. This is significant because it will turn the tide its own way and make the organization stand out in a league of its own. It will tell the employees what to expect from their own selves and how to tackle long-standing problems with a collective vision and a sense to do something right for the organization. The element of authority and even that of accountability is talked out loud when the organization is willing to expand its circle of influence and get out of the rut that it has been stuck within, for the last many years (Crawford, 2000). This brings to mind the essence of inculcating new bred values and understandings that an organization has of the people who are working within its folds, and who want to professionally grow with the passage of time nonetheless. However, this requires proper planning and tact, which remains aloof on most occasions within the organizations of present day and age. The authority and accountability elements, therefore, make the organization stand tall amongst the relevant mix of its activities and processes and allow immense growth and development for the sake of the employees so that they can grow and develop, not only their own selves but also the entire organization.
For accountability and governance within an organization, it is important to understand that the employees have a major role to play. This does come along well with the essence of the top management realms who are working to good effect to make sure that the organization remains ahead. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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