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Mount Olive College has now become The University of Mount Olive (UMO) - Essay Example

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Having been established in 1951, it is now an appropriate time for Mount Olive College to transform to a university- the University Of Mount Olive (UMO). As a professional, I am convinces that the college stands a better chance of expanding its operations and up grade to a…
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Mount Olive College has now become The University of Mount Olive (UMO)
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, everyone believes and trusts that it can indeed make a good university.
However, to accomplish this goal, the management of the college needs to have a proper plan. In its strategic plan, the college should carry out an assessment to find out if indeed the college fits to be expanded. After looking at all the available facilities, it should focus on the implications of the expansion and ascertain the right amount of money that needs to be allocated for the exercise. With all these in mind, I would like to express m satisfaction with the feasibility of the project. First and foremost, the expansion of the college will not injure the reputation of the institution. In fact, it will be readily welcome by the general public which will be the number one beneficiary of the new UMO.
As it is now, the college has a total size of 250 acres. This is a large size of land that needs to be properly utilized. To effectively do this, expansion should be made to be manageable so as not to overwhelm the management. Meaning, it might not be necessary to acquire more tracks of land as the available one is enough for all the facilities that are required. However, should a need arise; the college may consider increasing its size by acquiring additional plots of land to use in constructing other campuses. Nevertheless, this might not be prioritized as the college has enough campuses at the moment.
In terms of costs, I would suggest that the new project would require adequate amount of money to complete. So, I suggest that the management should set aside at least $20 million. This will be used in renovating the available facilities which might be worn out or old enough to be properly used in the new university. Also, part of this money will be used in the construction of more facilities which might not be enough. These include residential halls, college apartments and lecture halls. This will have to be done because the upgrade of the college will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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