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Answer 6 question about Japanese Economy - Essay Example

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The types of commercials that are aired in Japan are significantly different from those aired in the United States. The premier reason for this difference stems from the fact that the two countries have very different cultures and norms, and they need to be respected within…
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Answer 6 question about Japanese Economy
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Download file to see previous pages On the contrary, the American society has yet not adopted anime as a popular medium of advertisement, and advertisements made in America ensure they are not used in advertisements.
A2. In the current era, Japan is known for its holistic views regarding product development. The Japanese way of product development consists of six items that makes it different from other economies. These six items include the factor of built in stability, self-organization of project teams, the concept of multi learning, management of subtle control, fostering a culture of organizational transfer of learning, and finally overlapping development phases.
A4. One thing everyone knows of who has been to Japan is the high use of vending machines. There are many reasons for the abundance of vending machines within Japan; however, for the purpose of this essay we will shed light at a few important ones. To start off Japan is cash based economy, and unlike other countries cash based transactions are a norm in Japan. This makes buying from vending machines much easier and comfortable for people rather than having to particularly buy from a store which charges cards.
Secondly, Japan is a relatively safe country with significantly low crime rates. This makes tampering vending machines less likely, and therefore highlights the possibility of boosting sales through vending machines practically anywhere.
Most importantly what needs to be noticed here is that the Japanese people prefer walking long distance rather than taking cars, therefore this helps companies to boost their revenue by placing vending machines at various places so they can be used by passerby’s to purchase things as they walk.
A6. Japan is one of the top economies of the world. However, despite this fact the country finds it significantly hard to attract talent across the globe. While there are many reasons for this problem, the bulk of these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answer 6 Question about Japanese Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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