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Discuss the Collapse of the Barings Bank. The solution that led after the collapse - Research Paper Example

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Its owners were of German origin – the Baring family of bankers and merchants. The bank collapsed in 1995 due to losses of £827 million ($ 1.3 billion) as a result of poor…
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Discuss the Collapse of the Barings Bank. The solution that led after the collapse
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Download file to see previous pages His superiors had approved his purchases on the Singapore markets, and immediate sales on the Japanese markets, whereby he could secure a small profit. On the contrary, he bought from the Singapore markets and held on to the stocks as a gamble on the future treads in the Japanese markets.
Based on the existing literature (Bair 2015), it is apparent that Barings bank was bought by the Dutch bank called ING, at a total of £1 and assumed all of the bank’s liabilities (Bair 2015). As a result, a subsidiary ING Barings, was formed. Huon’s (2015) study further revealed that ING sold its operations based in the USA to ABN Amro for $275 million. The rest of ING Barings, was integrated with its European banking division. By the year 2001, Barings Bank had only been left with Asset Management after selling operations stated above, and the rest being absorbed by ING Barings. ING went a step to split BAM and sold it to Mass Mutual and Northern Trust. Mass Mutual acquired BAM’s investment management activities, as well as the patent rights to use the Baring Asset Management name, whereas Northern Trust acquired BAMs financial services group.
In response to the conflicting question on whether they managed to fix the financial problem or not, recent research (Anon 2015) proved that Barings bank never regained its stability as a complete investment corporation. However, Barings name still lives on as the Mass Mutual Subsidiary; Barings Asset Management.
Further results (Glyn 2015) showed that the Bank’s private equity international, which included investment teams in India, Asia, and Latin America, was acquired by its respective management teams. These teams in the present days are Baring Vostock Capital Partners in Russia, GP investments in Brazil,Baring private equity in Asia and Baring Private Equity Partners in India.
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