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The overall effect on economy and social life is dramatic and leaving this question unanswered may lead to irreversible consequences. The aim of the research is to outline the…
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Choose what u want
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Download file to see previous pages The problem of poverty differs among countries. When visiting countries like India where people sometimes have nothing to eat, no possessions the level of poverty can be defined as critical and regrettably it has become a cultural feature. The level of poverty in United States is not so dramatic and can be categorized as relative. There are many factors that make contribution to that problem both social and economic ones. When discussing social classes and overall mobility level it is vitally important to take into consideration the phenomena of poverty. Americans tend to be proud of the economic system and they believe it is capable to provide every opportunity in pursuit of prosperity and good life in general. But nevertheless poverty seem so be persistent in different parts of the country. A lot of anti-poverty programs and efforts have been applied in the last five decades and they have made some progress but the problem is far from being totally eliminated. There has been a widespread opinion that poor people are to blame themselves for the situation they faced and they are more likely to display self-defeating behavior instead of taking serious steps. The poor can be characterized as fatalists that engage themselves into the poverty culture where nothing can be done and this vicious circle absorbs people generation after generation. But still this perception of poverty is just a stereotype as most poor people are eager to work hard and make a living, the only thing they need is a given chance and helping hand. This help should be provided on all the stages of people’s lives beginning from the support of the child being born within poor conditions and all the way to retirement. The main aim is to ensure people with security and reduce the fear of being left behind (Vallas, 2014).
Recently professionals in sociological sciences have concentrated their attention on additional causes of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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