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Illegal Immigrants - A Strain on the US Economy - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Illegal Immigrants - A Strain on the US Economy" suggests that illegal immigration is a kind of issue which is entrenched in the roots of the US and poses many challenges for the government. Social services received by illegal immigrants should be strictly controlled…
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Illegal Immigrants - A Strain on the US Economy
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Extract of sample "Illegal Immigrants - A Strain on the US Economy"

Download file to see previous pages Following discussion aims to illuminate the reality of the claim that “although illegal immigrants contribute to the US economy to a certain extent, it is important for the government to strictly control or regulate social services granted to them as demerits spawned by illegal immigration outweigh a few merits.”
Social services received by illegal immigrants should be strictly controlled by the US government. This is because they have always proved a significant strain on the budget which is a fact of monumental importance particularly in current times marked by economic contraction. Illegal immigrants constitute a large part of the working class. Employers like to hire illegal immigrants because of the tendency to benefit from the option of cheap labor. Research conducted by the Department of Labor also proves that more than half of the workers who are assigned the task to pick crops to happen to be illegal immigrants (Finnegan). An increased labor class based on illegal immigrants poses damage to local workers. Research claims that “migrants perform tasks, at rates of pay, which most domestic workers would be unwilling to work at” (The Economic Affairs Committee 100).This suggests that many such jobs which should be given to locals are offered to illegal immigrants as they agree to do the same tasks for far lower prices. This benefits the employers but generates problematic issues for both locals and the federal government.
As mentioned already, many rules and regulations were formulated in response to a rising rate of illegal immigration. “The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986” or IRCA is one such act worth mentioning here which clearly warns against hiring people residing illegally in the US (Fuqua 214). All employers are required to check the legal documents of their employees before selecting them. However, illegal immigrants still continue to be hired because they provision of myriad social services serves to encourage them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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