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C Programming - Essay Example

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Microsoft’s C product is defined as a programming system. Simply put this programming system is used to write Windows-based computer programs; it includes the C language as well as a number of tools that help you write these programs…
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C Programming
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Download file to see previous pages C truly is much more of a “programming environment” than just a language. Using this environment, a single developer can quickly create a simple application; a team of developers can create a sophisticated, distributed application.

The main reason why C is so popular and powerful is the same reason behind the success of Windows. Microsoft took a complex technology (writing computer programs) and made it easier to use through a graphical interface. Suppose you have to write a program for your company. In a visual programming environment, you can quickly design the windows that the user sees by drawing and arranging them just as you would lay out elements for a newspaper.

Arithmetic operators
These are the simple operators used in daily mathematics. These include the addition ‘+’ operator, subtraction ‘-’ operator, multiplication ‘*’ operator, division ‘/’ operator and the modulus ‘%’ operator. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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