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The Starfish And The Spider by Ori Brafman And Rod Becksfrom - Book Report/Review Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze "The Starfish and the Spider" by Ori Brafman and Rod A.Becksfrom, an eye-opener of sorts because it exposed the weaknesses of centralized organizations which had been the dominant structure of hierarchical organizations for centuries…
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The Starfish And The Spider by Ori Brafman And Rod Becksfrom
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Extract of sample "The Starfish And The Spider by Ori Brafman And Rod Becksfrom"

Download file to see previous pages He co-founded a number of institutions devoted to the economic development of Africa and the Middle East through conflict-resolution initiatives. His co-author Beckstrom also has an MBA degree from Stanford University and had worked in the U.S. government as a consultant on cyber-security issues. He is an active investor in start-up firms and chief executive officer of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and YPO (Young Presidents Organization). Their book was published in 2006 by Penguin.
“The Starfish and the Spider” is all about new paradigms wherein the starfish is used as a metaphor for the new type of organization which does not have an identified leader and yet is a very successful organization because everyone in that organization contributes positively using ideas and platforms which are distributed widely throughout the organization. The old structure of rigid hierarchies is no longer viable in today's modern Internet-connected world where ideas can spread very quickly. In essence, the book tells why organizations must be like the starfish to be successful in a networked environment. A single simple idea by one person can be picked up by other persons in an accelerating manner and improved upon continuously by others as the idea is being spread along in an ever-growing circle and so everyone benefits but no one can claim sole credit. This is the very essence of the book of how everyone in a starfish-like group is a potential catalyst but then moves on and lets others take over until something is finished. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Starfish And The Spider by Ori Brafman And Rod Becksfrom Book Report/Review - 1.
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