Relevance of the Hamlet to Real Life - Term Paper Example

The writer of this paper aims to write about how lines 55-80 in Act 1 scene 3 of the play "Hamlet" are related to everyday life, and also how those lines are significant to the play as well. The writer suggests that the lines provide a number of golden principles for a successful life…
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Relevance of the Hamlet to Real Life

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Download file to see previous pages This vigilant behavior, was particularly absent in the character of Laertes, since his act of jumping into his sister’s grave and demand to bury him with her was an insane request. The next advice about being friendly but not being too friendly that the fiends take undue advantage of his trust is also related to a significant part of the novel. The continuously developing grudge and anger for Hamlet was not merely Laertes’s own perceptions and independent views but the continuous strike on those negative thoughts by Claudius and others increased them. He further illuminates the ways of not accepting every other person as his truthful and honest friend and guides him to differentiate between friends and others. The novel is overly equipped with examples of enemies disguised as friends who achieved their own aims by misguiding other characters. Laertes does not have control over his emotions and actions when in the state of grief or anger as presented by the novel. The father’s suggestion for him is then to listen to more people before acting on someone’s opinion. Polonius advises him to be conscious about his clothes and appearance, since appearance projects the impression on others. Most of his advice and guidance revolves around the friendship; choosing friends and acting on friends’ opinions only if they are trustworthy and sincere. He also warns him about the material things which may harm the friendship. Polonius gives certain devices which act as a threshold for Laertes’s life and if he would have acted upon these advances, the life and end of Laertes would have been completely different. Laertes’s acts and views were much influenced by Claudius’s views and hence, were quite opposite to the reality. Claudius took advantage of his weaknesses and acted as his friend to achieve his own selfish aims. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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Relevance of the Hamlet to Real Life Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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