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Bram Stoker's Dracula - Research Paper Example

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As such, their actions directly affect each and every element of and development in the story. Barbara notes that there is no particular formula for creating the best protagonist (2). Each protagonist, even if they are more than…
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Bram Stoker's Dracula
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Download file to see previous pages To note, however, is the fact that due to the difference of opinions, some peoplse may find Dracula’s characteristics intriguing while others may consider them the worst. All in all, the discussion below is a justification as to why Count Dracula is the best protagonist in the novel.
This is quite a general characteristic since, apart from the protagonists, even the antagonists ought to be versatile, same to other characters. But for Dracula, this feature is way too pronounced, as in literally. The reason for this insinuation relies on the type of novel in question. Needless to say, who would expect a horror story with a protagonist who does not change forms? Otherwise, why would the novel even be categorized as horror? It is the change of physical forms by Count Dracula that makes the story even more attractive because it eliminates the boredom that comes with form-rigidity. For example, some sections of the book describe Dracula indirectly as a wolf and even a ‘large dog’ (Arata 2). Incorporating the human nature and animal nature not only brings flavor to the novel, but also justifies the fact that Count is the best protagonist in the novel. In addition to the physical changes, Dracula transforms his characters too; one time a loving individual, while sometimes, he is the exact opposite of what he was before. An example is while Dracula was seemingly gracious when Jonathan Harker came in; the situation completely changed after he abandons Harker to the sisters (fellow vampires) that rough him up almost causing him his life. The unpredictability that comes with the sudden change of both character and physical form is what makes Dracula the best protagonist in this case.
Well, despite how unbelievable it may sound, perfect people are not so likable; no one is even perfect. Habitually, people have grown fond of the flawless to an extent of finding an ideal person completely irritating. It happens not only because they will most likely stigmatize those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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