Positive Family Values According to the Prompt on Troy Maxson - Essay Example

The paper describes the prompt on Troy Maxson. Troy Maxson does not exhibit any positive family values. While it is true that one can make many mistakes in the course of his or her life, some of the mistakes that Maxson makes are avoidable, it showed he did not promote positive family values…
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Positive Family Values According to the Prompt on Troy Maxson

Extract of sample Positive Family Values According to the Prompt on Troy Maxson

Download file to see previous pages As a father, Troy does not portray positive family values to his sons. Right from the start of the play, it is evident that as a young man, Troy he had accidentally killed a person (Wilson). He does not portray positive family values such as being responsible and hard-working for personal success. For example, he tells Cory to go back to work because he knows the family will benefit from Cory’s wages. A parent should encourage his or her child to work to support themselves as young adults and it should not be a technique to get the child to support the parents. When Lyons goes to borrow money from his father he is confident he would pay it back because his girlfriend had a job, this shows Troy raised a child who is not responsible (Wilson). In addition, it shows that Lyons may have been in a relationship with his girlfriend because she had money, indicating he was dependent on her. In my view, this means that Troy did not instal the principles of responsibility in his son Lyon. Moreover, Troy seems to keep getting more children out-of-wedlock without caring that he does not earn enough money to take care of a large family. As a husband, Troy also portrays poor family values because he is not honest and trustworthy, which is an important principle in relationships. Troy tells his wife, Rose, about the affair he had with Alberta after he discovers that she is pregnant with his child. Troy is not faithful to his wife and given that his mistress was pregnant, shows that he might have exposed his wife to sexually transmitted diseases if the mistress was infected. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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