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An author of the essay "Reflective Response of The up Series Video" analyzes and gives a thoughtful response to the up series video in relation to knowledge gained in coursework. The Up series is by far one of the most outstanding reality documentaries ever made…
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Reflective Response of The up Series Video
Download file to see previous pages Michael Apted went and handpicked kids from rich backgrounds, the middle class and kids from abject poverty. At just 7 years when the film started, all the kids were full of life with big dreams and ambitions of their future. Kids in prestigious schools, however, were more arrogant and all aspired to go to the very best of schools. Andrew, Charles, and John all from wealthy schools wanted to go to either Oxford or Cambridge. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me since most kids always say or do as their parents want. For instance, Andrew may have wanted to go to Cambridge or Oxford just because his father told him that is the best place for someone of his stature. Andrew admits that his father used to tell him that if he is asked what he studies, he should say the Financial Times indeed proving the role the parents played in their kids. It is true that the documentary should have included more women and kids from different races. The film only has one kind of mixed race and other factors currently facing the society like homosexuality are not addressed. Michael Apted would have gone for a more diverse group rather than just focusing on their background. The film that currently has eight episodes, the last installment being 56 UP has proved the original assumption of Loyola incorrect. In fact, kids from poor backgrounds have struggled with career and marriage. Also, their parent’s failed marriages have affected them since half of all participants have undergone divorce with a few remarrying up to three times.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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