Yann Martels Life of Pi - Book Report/Review Example

The paper “Yann Martel’s Life of Pi” looks at a narrative based on perspectives. It really challenges the reader’s perspectives on truth and reason. The writer put the readers into a dilemma that the readers cannot believe what is right or wrong. Truth has its own face…
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Yann Martels Life of Pi
Download file to see previous pages The story of a boy who lost all his relatives in a Japanese shipwreck continues to live with animals namely a hyena, a zebra, a tiger, and orangutan. The second story leaves his mother, a Japanese cook, a sailor and he himself on the lifeboat which makes another conflict in the mind of the readers to relate to the truth. When the first story is denied telling that it is unbelievable, he nets another story reasonably believable.
The connection between the truth and the facts explained are not yet established doubtlessly. In the first part of the story, we see Pi struggling to reconcile the difference between faith -interpretations of the three religion Hinduism. Christianity and Islam, but acknowledge them that each of them contained valuable elements, which together helped him to survive the torments at sea.
The real intention of presenting the two ends cannot be predicted but the truth which the readers want to know is of less importance since the question is “ Which story do you prefer. Definitely, the interpretation is subjective but needs theological reflection. Here Pi meets with a challenge, telling a story that will make a person believe in God. The writer admits that he prefers the story with the tiger and remarks ‘surviving 227 days at sea especially with a tiger’. Pi helps the skeptics to believe in the unbelievable. Pi’s survival in 227 days with a Bengal Tiger in the Pacific Ocean and his life in the island of carnivorous algae strains the reader’s ability to suspend their disbelief. The interviewers complain that they cannot believe Pi’s story because they are “ just being reasonable” (298). Pi says “So am I applies my reason at every moment. The reason is excellent for getting food, clothing, and shelter. The reason is the very best tool kit Nothing beats reason for keeping tigers away…”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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