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The author concludes that in the Langston Hughes’ poem, the theme for English B has been analyzed and he addresses the theme of truth in the basis of race and nation. The writer uses illusions and his jazz rhythm manages to create a deep meaning, which has remained essential up to today.  …
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Theme for English B Analysis
Download file to see previous pages The study develops an understanding of the poetic approaches emphasized upon by a professor and his student in the literature that are from different races.
The poem theme for English B implicitly resembles an answer, written in the form of a stream-of-consciousness to the indirect question, what we can call true. The main theme of the poem and specifically in this context is the quest to look for answers in the issue of discrimination of people through color, race, and self-identification (Scott, 2006). The poem also analyzes the means and ways of dealing with this through the theme of English B analysis based on the instructor and his student’s work (Sherry & Schouten, 2006). The theme for English B analysis poem starts with a question from the student, twenty-two-year-old who is the only colored in his class and wonders if it would be that simple to write a page out of him that could be considered true.
Therefore, the student has received an assignment to write about something that would be true, but he asks himself if it would be that simple. This question could have a dual meaning for example, if writing the task would be an easy task or not and on the other hand, if a complicated notion of truth could be easy to gather from the poem (Leach, 2004). The poem though gives answers to both questions but as for the latter, the answer has been given in the form a thread penetrating the whole poem. For example, the poem starts with ‘I wonder if it is true’(line 6) then an answer alludes which says it is not easy for me to know what is true for me(line 16) and then the thread is concluded with ‘but we are, that’s true’(line 36).
Harlem was the center of development and prosperity of the Africa American community in the period of the Harlem Renaissance.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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