Men and Women in the Great Expectations - Assignment Example

This paper analyses, compares and contrasts the two articles by Maria Ioannou and Adiana Ciugureanu, and argues that Ioannou is biased in analyzing the power position of women in the book Great Expectations while Ciugureanu appears neutral and factual…
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Men and Women in the Great Expectations
Download file to see previous pages Ioannou’s introductory paragraph succeeds in communicating the article’s thesis as the comprehension and communication of the Great Expectation as a novel with a feminist perspective through condemning gender-based violence and establishing women’s “sensual power and appeal”. The thesis is further based on background information on the original text such as information on key female characters and their experiences that suggests the thesis’ perspective. On the contrary, Ciugureau (347) offers background information on the author of the original text and not the text. This approach also fails to offer a thesis statement for the paper. Ciugureau, therefore, forces the reader to rely on the article’s topic sentence for grasping information on the article. Ioannou, however, develops comprehensive information, on the original text, besides offering a thesis statement and these help in attracting an audience’s interest into the article. On evidence use, the two articles include quotations from the original text. The quote, “only when his repugnance for Magwitch has melted away,” is an example that Ioannou uses as evidence for his analysis (143). Ciugureau also uses quotes such as Mrs. Joe “forces herself to become blindly furious by regular stages” (351). Such evidence is largely used in the two articles and validates the authors’ perspectives. Both of the authors also offer summaries for their articles. Ioannou’s reiterates focus of the original book on masculinity and femininity. The summary also recaptures supremacy of masculinity over femininity and notes that beauty and appeal makes a woman. Women, however, play an important role in the existence of love because they have to accept a man’s love for such love to be recognized (Ioannou 149). Ciugureau also summarizes his concept of aggressor-victim association and notes that aggressors were also victims at some point. Similarly, some victims were also their own aggressors and Mrs. Gargery is an example. The author also offers a personal opinion on the aggressor-victim relationship that most women depicted in the novel (Ciugureau 360). ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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