Mahmoud Darwish Poems: Tibaaq - Essay Example

In this essay, the author demonstrates the poem observes the Palestinian situation. The author describes why in “State of siege” implies a contradiction between peace and siege. And also the author explains why throughout the poem, the poet uses personification and repetition for emphasis…
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Mahmoud Darwish Poems: Tibaaq
Download file to see previous pages Moreover, he personifies his identity by describing it as a daughter. There is the use of a metaphor when Mahmoud describes the sun as a shattered saucer, hence describing colonial power, which kills the oppressed using bombs. In addition, it symbolizes the inhuman colonizers and the end of civilization. In the second stanza, the author utilizes simile to compare the electric abyss, which is as high as the sky. This refers to an elevator of a tall building where the persona met Said. After meeting, they talk about going to the “tomorrow” (future) with confidence, which implies there is still hope for a brighter future with the acquired experience.
    The persona remembers hearing Indians inquiring from him not to trust the horse and modernism. In this case, the horse symbolizes tradition. Lines 20-29 reflect the poet’s love for poems and his desire to bring some sort of poetic justice to the fictional world, as he cannot do the same in the real one. The fictional world is pure (as described by white) and can easily shatter (if it is made of glass). The persona further emphasizes this by personifying the word vocabulary, describing it as obedient, personifying the word metaphor, and describing it as sleeping. The vocabulary and the metaphor symbolize the oppressed that are obedient and not doing anything about their situation. In addition, the persona describes the outside world as an exile and the inside world as an exile. This refers to the state of his people who are not at peace wherever they go be it their country or in the Diaspora. Said thinks about the migration of birds across the borders. This symbolizes his envy of the birds that can fly freely unlike his people who are labeled the “dangerous other”.
        The persona meets Said again in “New Sodom” in the year 2002. He found Said fighting Sodom’s war upon Babylon and cancer, which suggests that he was against the war in Iraqi as well as fighting cancer. Sodom and Babylon are Biblical references, which symbolizes immorality and war respectively. Sodom describes New York as an immoral and corrupt town and Babylon symbolizes the Iraqi war. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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