Comanche Ave by David Trinidad - Essay Example

The author of the following essay under the title "Comanche Ave by David Trinidad" aims to analyze the poem. As the author puts it, "After the first reading, which was fast, I thought the poem was about childhood dreams and illusions"…
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Comanche Ave by David Trinidad
Download file to see previous pages I can also imagine the new sidewalks as a highway where many cars will be driving. As fathers on the other side are staking young trees, mothers are planning a baby shower. Baby showers are planned to welcome a new baby into the world in the last month of pregnancy. Fellow mothers and friends to the expectant mother bring gifts for the baby to be born. I believe the joy these women have. Their visage all covered with smiles displaying their white egg shelled teeth. The joy of the mother to be; finally, her long journey is going to end soon. This is just too wonderful to know that there is much expectation, more than I can imagine. The joys brought about by these expectations. This is to symbolize that the place Comanche Ave will not remain pale and yellow as it is for now it will develop and flourish to a beautiful place as the cake looks like when finished.One thing that David Trinidad has mesmerized me with is the use of suspense and humor. The suspense keeps me reading in hunger to know what happens next. The humor in the poem keeps my imagination interesting so that I do not lose track. “Six or seven years old, I stand on the front porch, hand on the decorative cast-iron trellis that frames it, squinting in California sunlight, striped short-sleeved shirt buttoned at the neck”.I can imagine the long wait of 6-7 years. The good thing is that the years of wait are not in vain. As I read through now, I get the meaning of the baby shower and staking of young trees. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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