Nature and its Influence on Humans Pictured by William Wordsworth and Joseph Conrad - Essay Example

This paper aims to understand the viewpoint of two poets namely William Wordsworth and Joseph Conrad regarding nature and its influence on humankind. This paper is a reaction paper which reflects my viewpoints and understanding of both the poets of nature as well…
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Nature and its Influence on Humans Pictured by William Wordsworth and Joseph Conrad

Extract of sample Nature and its Influence on Humans Pictured by William Wordsworth and Joseph Conrad

Download file to see previous pages In each of the poem, both of the authors are particularly describing the nature to the reader-viewer but in different meanings.
For instance, William Wordsworth, in line 96 of his poem says that he has Elevated thoughts and by this, he expressed the intensity of hope. Experiencing the fresh memories will let him move ahead in life to keep on appreciating the nature. By claiming Elevated thoughts in his poem, William Wordsworth accepts that waterfall, mountains in short nature only made him feel happy the most, in addition, he also accepts that now it’s not the same anymore because with time ones thinking changes and that is called maturity. He admits that his maturity remunerates his preceding losses. His mature understanding now provides him the valid reason to praise the nature with all his love. Further in line 102 of his poem, he narrates Therefore am I still a lover of the meadows and the woods because they led him to think his each of the finest thoughts. The poet affirms that his love for nature will never be finished because of his sister who is a friend to him and is so dear to him.
In line 115, “The language of my former heart, and read, my former pleasure in the shooting lights...” William Wordsworth here expresses the love for his sister by saying, that whenever he looks at his the dearest friend, his sister Dorothy, he feels like the same old young boy that he used to be (Fyodor Dostoyevsky). The amusement with nature that he used to have in his childhood is the same that his sister is now having to experience. He never stops praying for his sister requesting the nature to bless her and keep her away from all the risks and hazards that can harm her love towards nature (Fyodor Dostoyevsky). ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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