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The dreadful consequences of war have an impact so profound that nearly all the art forms developed by humans contain elements that reflect the inner…
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Exhibition proposal
Download file to see previous pages As far as the subjects depicted in art works are concerned, there has been a gradual shift towards highlighting the aspects of ‘self’ in recent times (Lehrer, 2012). The focus has therefore shifted from using arts as a means of propagating the idea of destruction towards portrayal of the inner desires of humans; the craving to unite and harmonize with their fellow beings.
The subject of “Journey” is novel in the sense that it aims to unify the co-players for a long journey in the desert of life, which reveals the history of mankind as players travel together in the virtual world portrayed in this video game. The usual spot/threat/kill themes that are prevalent in the video game media are non-existent in Journey. It is therefore obvious that the game is reflective of the tendency currently prevalent in the high art of modern times.
The event will start with a dance performance in white cube space, followed by the participation of dancers in playing the game. This will be done for the purpose of gathering the crowd and winning their attention in the start. The game ‘Journey’ will be used to demonstrate the changes that have been witnessed in recent times in art forms in terms of subject and medium. This unique work of digital art is likely to grip the attention of visitors by providing a novel experience of playing a game where the purpose is to unify with fellow players, instead of facing them as opponents. In addition to the visual experience, music composition by Austin Wintory is likely to offer an engaging experience to the visitors and players of the game alike. The sound of multiple play stations will be jumbled to provide a unique acoustic experience.
First and foremost, the requirement of space has to be dealt with. For our exhibition a space of a x b x c cubic meters is the least requirement. A stage with a floor having preferably ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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