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1. Explain, with reference to one or more of their poems, how Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson exemplifies the Romantic movement in American literature - Essay Example

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Romantic Movement of the 19th and 18th century by many of the European artists was widely thought to be attempts to suppress the influence and the logical appeal of the realist movement due to the scientific discoveries and the industrial revolution. Romanticism didn’t arrive…
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1. Explain, with reference to one or more of their poems, how Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson exemplifies the Romantic movement in American literature
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Extract of sample "1. Explain, with reference to one or more of their poems, how Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson exemplifies the Romantic movement in American literature"

Download file to see previous pages We shall analyze three poems which will help us in establishing their approach towards romanticism.
This is one of the most important works by Whitman. It was revised extensively by Whitman and reached its final form in 1881. It is a beautiful work of deep thinking, reflecting and self-expression. It is very much an American epic starting in the middle of the poet’s life. The continuous searching for him reminds us of the classic touch that the poem carries. The epic sense of purpose that personifies the non-romantic/classical nature is coupled with a passive reception. Like the classical work, it is crammed with significant detail. The sixth section of the poem shows us just that with brilliant display of detailing in response to a simple question asked. The bunch of grass becomes the symbolization of regeneration and growth which has quite a romantic theme, but it may also represent the grass as the fundamental force of democracy binding all Americans together.
Here he calls grass graves because grass is fertilized by the dead bodies inside the graves. Thus the use of the verse is in romantic style but it is meant for other purposes as well. This repeats several times in the poem which shows us the wide-ranging beliefs and practicality of Whitman’s poems.
This poem first appeared in the 1856 and was published in the final edition of 1881. It has more of a theme and continuity that is normally associated with the classical /non-romantic style. This poem also presents itself in a romantic manner but has rather a lot of objective meaning to it overall. Its starts with Whitman wondering what his being means in a faceless crowd. He sees himself as a part of it and tries to bring it together in real sense. With a touch of romantic behavior, Whitman says that “what I assume you shall assume” (Whitman et al, 7)which mean shared ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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