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Ethnographic research - Essay Example

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Kansas City is located in the state of Missouri, western United Stated of America. Majority of inhabitants of the city are Americans with Irish origin. However, Kansas…
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Ethnographic research
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"Ethnographic research"

Download file to see previous pages Homeless Services Coalition comprise a task force with the mandate to eradicate the problem of homelessness within the city. The article presents various ways out of homelessness in Kansas City.
On Wednesday, May 2nd, I met Patrick who had been homeless in his entire 23-year-lifespan. Patrick talked of a homeless lifestyle characterized by varied episodes of self-esteem. He said that “there are times when I feel worthless and not capable of achieving fruitful undertakings but whenever someone shows me the way forward both financially and psychologically, I see myself as a potential top achiever.” I have always watched the plight of the homeless and thought that they entirely hold low esteem of themselves, but Patrick’s story gave me a new perspective that homelessness can be eliminated through psychological and financial empowerment.
In my quest for the best solutions for homelessness from the perspective of the homeless persons, I engaged a group of homeless individuals in a very productive discussion. One issue was very clear: active participation of homeless persons in decision making is the way to create a city with an all-housed population. For instance, the homeless people felt that their role in decision making regarding resettlement and rehabilitation programs will enable effective implementation of recommended strategies.
Prior to my visit to Kansas, I always thought that the legal framework on housing in US is appraisable. However, my visit to Kansas presented a state of affairs that is contrary to my opinion. Majority of homeless people who I interacted with in Kansas City called for a review of what they termed as ‘legal frameworks that are not reflective of changes in socio-economic dynamic’.
In many societies, the concept of accountability is mainly advocated for in the context of leadership. I would easily subscribe to the same school of thought, which categorically calls for accountability form the top of the leadership ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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