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Didion Marrying Absurd Comparision and Contrast - Essay Example

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The institution of marriage is perhaps one of the most astounding in the development of individuals in the society and is usually marked with jubilations reminiscent of its importance. Holding a wedding casually is not only contrary to the expectation of the importance of this…
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Didion Marrying Absurd Comparision and Contrast
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"Didion Marrying Absurd Comparision and Contrast"

Download file to see previous pages imagery to depict the casualness and contempt with which the Nevada community accords important social events, which generates a perfect nexus with the actual developments regarding absurdity around marriage. Irony and contradictions conspicuously persist throughout the article as the author’s attempt to paint the moral decadence with regard to marriage strikes a perfect balance in the discourse. The author paints the entire wedding quagmire in Nevada using imagery from an environmental scan and the commercial hype in Las Vegas which is unfavorable for serious social events.
In light of the description of the physical environment that the author picks to create imagery on the marriage confusion, a contrasting image appears giving the main theme a deep sense of life. From the premise that a couple’s engagement immediately after a wedding is like a young life, a nurturing environment can be thought of. Making an extrapolation of the most supportive conditions of a young life, perhaps the most delicate care and environment would be appropriate for inclusion in the nurturing conditions. However, Nevada is located in a harsh physical environment with desert conditions that could make a young life to struggle for survival. In terms of the physical harshness, if not desiccated to death, an encounter with poisonous rattlesnakes and bruises from mesquite present the cruelty awaiting.
Accompanying evidence of the harsh conditions imagery of the actual desert-like life in Nevada, which probably make weddings a casual affair in this environment fits perfectly in the discourse. Las Vegas is cited majorly in many respects of this environment where sensible marriage would not exist. Presence of call girls in plenty in the town simulates a scandalous environment where casual unions are the order of the day (1). Presenting such an environment as a perfect choice for conducting a wedding is perhaps an insult at its best and scandalous at its worst. Gang life emerges in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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