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Why People Are Still Reading Shakespeare Today - Essay Example

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Shakespeare is a great writer of the sixteenth century, but even now, four centuries later, Shakespeare’s plays make their readers laugh and cry at the same time. The writer of this essay aims to analyze why people are still reading Shakespeare today…
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Why People Are Still Reading Shakespeare Today
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"Why People Are Still Reading Shakespeare Today"

Download file to see previous pages Many famous people express their opinion about Shakespeare, many of them admire his talent. Elizabeth Barrett Browning writes:
Shakespeare’s characters are people with unique passion, strong will, immense wishes. All of them are prominent and great. Every character is shown with unusual brightness and fullness, he himself determines his destiny choosing this or that way.
At the same time Shakespeare doesn’t have ideal characters, because he didn’t try to show perfect people, on the contrary, he aimed to show the full complexity of human nature. Nothing human is alien to his characters including weakness, deceptions, mistakes and even crimes. Shakespeare had the rare gift to see all the contradictions that were natural to people. Exactly it made him a dramatist. He represented good and evil clearly, but at the same time, he didn’t fall into instructiveness.
Shakespeare was not only a writer and dramatist, but also a person with actually encyclopedic (for his time) knowledge of history, natural sciences, psychology, diplomacy, and all these he used skillfully when he wrote his works. Now all the readers can notice it.
Shakespeare’s language is rather challenging and exciting, and it’s one more reason for people’s interest towards his works. He is an author of many new words and phrases. So, reading Shakespeare’s plays everyone can watch the inception of modern English. Actually, we still use many words and phrases from Shakespeare’s works such as “alls well that ends well”. Shakespeare added new shades and meaning to many English words. The live national language of the characters is full of word-plays. The picturesqueness of the language is produced by the frequent use of exact and unusual similes and metaphors. Shakespeare’s language is idiomatic and aphoristic. That’s why many people read Shakespeare not only to enjoy themselves but also to improve their grammar and enrich their vocabulary. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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