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Drugs and Control Substances among Hispanic Cultures - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Drugs and Control Substances among Hispanic Cultures" investigates the fact that issues regarding drug abuse have been a great concern among the Hispanics with intricate demographics trends, low economic condition and limited access to health care and environmental risk factors. …
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Drugs and Control Substances among Hispanic Cultures
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Extract of sample "Drugs and Control Substances among Hispanic Cultures"

Download file to see previous pages Marijuana and cocaine use among eighth-grade students increased during the years 1991to 2002 according to samples obtained from the MTF. Despite this, there has been a decline in the use of both marijuana and cocaine among the Hispanics for the past few years. However, the Hispanic groups have depicted a higher rate of marijuana abuse compared to other groups such as whites and blacks. Therefore, the high rates of drug abuse among young Hispanic individuals have led to an increased threat to the public health because it contributes to a significant risk of addiction problems.
Alvarez, Jason, Olson, Ferrari & Davis (2007) explains that Hispanic cultures in relation to drugs and control substances can be expressed in terms of the gender differences depicted through prevalence rates of drugs substances abused. In fact, these differences are profound among the Latinos and Latinas, whereby the former has increased likelihood of abstaining from abusing drugs and other control substances compared to the latter (Cervantes & Pena, 1998). There are notions from various researchers indicating that this tendency is caused by their cultural norms, which do not support substance use among women. In this case, the Latinas are protected from the effects of drug abuse and substances through a promotion of abstinence.
Moreover, empirical evidence has justified the interrelationship between American cultural values and drug abuse among the Latinas. For instance, a national survey indicated that over one thousand Latinas depicted their interaction with non-Latinos and held their cultural values have reduced chances of abstaining from abusing drugs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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