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A Claim for Religious Discrimination against Coach Al West - Assignment Example

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In the paper “A Claim for Religious Discrimination against Coach Al West” the author gives a critical look at Title II of the Civil Rights Act, which shows that Mohammed Ahman could bring a claim for religious discrimination against Coach Al West under Title 11…
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A Claim for Religious Discrimination against Coach Al West
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Extract of sample "A Claim for Religious Discrimination against Coach Al West"

Download file to see previous pages Title 11 of the Civil Rights Act recognizes sports arena, stadium, and other public places of exhibition or entertainment as public accommodation places (Loevy, 1997). For that reason, Ahman could bring a claim for religious discrimination against the NWSU coach under the Title 11 of the Civil Rights Acts.
 Question 2 Answer: Mohammed Ahman could also bring a religious discrimination claim against NWSU coach under the First Amendment Free Exercise Clause. The First Amendment Free Exercise Clause recognizes the individual right to practice his/her religion, without any form of interference from the government or from anybody else (First Amendment: Chapter 9, n.d). Although by discriminating Ahman on religious grounds NWSU coach did not directly deny Ahman his right to practice his religion, the discrimination, however, indirectly interfered with Ahman’s right to religious freedom recognized by the First Amendment Free Exercise Clause. By asking the football team to recite the Lord’s player after each practice, the NWSU coach failed to recognize the Ahman’s religious freedom to exercise his religion of choice; this action, therefore, amounts to interference with Ahman’s right to freely exercise his religion. Secondly, the NWSU coach’s constant inquiry from Ahman on the relationship between Al-Qaeda and Islam shows that the NWSU coach had a negative attitude towards Islam as a religion. The negative attitude towards Islam could make Ahman uncomfortable in practicing his religion; this again amounts to interference with Ahman’s right to freely exercise his religion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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