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Do Curfews Keep Teens Away From Crime - Assignment Example

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The paper “Do Curfews Keep Teens Away From Crime?” focuses on curfews, which indicate that teenagers must be home at a specifically stated time prompting parents to believe that it will keep their children off the streets at night hence evade crime. …
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Do Curfews Keep Teens Away From Crime
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Extract of sample "Do Curfews Keep Teens Away From Crime"

Download file to see previous pages According to an article that explores effects curfew laws have on youths, less is evident about the positive impacts. The article states that researches who have tried to analyze the effects of curfews on reducing crime have relied on assumptions and not facts (Kline 2). Many cities in the United States have put in place curfews for teenagers following the 1990s when crime cases amongst the teenagers seemed to be on the rise. This measure therefore aimed at ensuring safety amongst them. These curfews are however usually applicable to teens who are under a specifically stated age. As much as it may reduce crime amongst those under the stated age, it will have no implication on kids just above the statutory age hence they will continue with their criminal behaviors (Kline 1). They will be able to influence the teenagers who will disobey the curfews and indulge in crime. This article, therefore, proves that setting curfews for teenagers is not a solution to the increased crimes amongst teenagers in the cities. A proper solution, therefore, should not direct to the teenagers alone but the youth in general.
According to an article in Greater Greater Washington titled as ‘Teens need things to do, not curfews’, curfews have worked effectively on other cities and have been able to reduce the number of crimes amongst teenagers (Reed). The article, however, brings its claims stating that many feel curfews are too restrictive for the teenagers and that they do not eradicative the root cause of crime amongst the teenagers. The main cause of misbehavior amongst the teenagers as per this article is lack of appropriate things to do. Therefore, they keep themselves busy by indulging in criminal activities.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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