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Letting the Big Ones Get Away - Case Study Example

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As the case study declares, prosecutors face many challenges in the course of their work.  One of the challenges that they face is in respect of ethical dilemmas.  Ethical dilemmas are cases that involve all possible actions to solve the situation leading to undesirable results.  …
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Letting the Big Ones Get Away
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Download file to see previous pages This discussion stresses that another standard that applies in respect of prosecutors is that they should refrain from initiating or encouraging efforts to waiver rights from an accused person who is unrepresented. According to Gershman, prosecutors should maintain neutrality. Some of the dilemmas that prosecutors have to deal with include those related to knowing use of false evidence, threatening a person of criminal prosecution with the aim of discouraging them from appearing before the court as a witness. It is also unethical for prosecutors to present false statements of material fact during court proceedings. In the case of the big-name drug dealer and his girlfriend, it is a fact that the prosecutor must uphold justice above his desire for promotion. In addition, he/she should see to it that instead of trying to convict, his duty to justice remains steadfast. Clearly noting, the deal that the drug dealer presents to the prosecutor in respect of transferring his case to his girlfriend if accepted by the prosecutor will present a situation in which justice is defeated. This is so considering that the big one will be let off the hook and someone innocent in respect of the drugs will be the scapegoat. Furthermore, subjecting the innocent pregnant girl to charges is tantamount to punishing the unborn child for a wrong neither it nor its mother committed. The drug dealer by all means should face justice for his actions. Given that he is well connected and has escaped from the rule of justice several times shows that he is unwilling to change his cause. Furthermore, accepting his offer will result in the defeat of justice in respect of his pregnant girlfriend. However, the strength of the case lies with the girl’s cooperation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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