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in the form of graphs and charts), this might help. This is because where the marker can see you have made the effort to carry out relevant research and tabulate, graph or chart it, but…
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Download file to see previous pages Which particular group of viewers? Earlier, you mention doing an analysis by age - but this chart does not offer an analysis by age - it is an analysis by weekly reach. I have named the table and changed ”this very particular group of viewers in different groups of viewers
Your conclusion that ‘the % of people watching BBC1 is relatively low and is about 12%’ must be a misinterpretation of the data. I went in to Mediatel to check, and I attach a report from Mediatel which shows that in 2014, BBC1 actually had the highest share of all the major terrestrial channels with 21.7%. Indeed, I believe if you were to break down the total non-terrestrial share of 46.9% (which adds together all the satellite and cable channels), you would find BBC1 still to be the leader. It may be that you mean that BBC1 only reaches 12% of the 16-24 target group, which sounds right to me, but you don’t say so. By the way, you should illustrate the performance of these demographic groups as a chart or graph.
There must be some misunderstanding because I checked once again the share of BBC1 annually. The data is copied from the spreadshit and I checked once again to find out that 21,7 is the share of the channel for all ages.
The two statements "Moreover, it is considered that the average age of the BBC1 viewer is 59 years” and "Considering the fact that the average age of BBC1 viewers is between 56 and 59” cannot logically (or indeed mathematically) both be true. I corrected the first statement –the average age is 57,5 so these statements do not contradict each other.
I think you slightly misunderstand the data about seasonal viewership. The simple fact is that in the UK in the summer, the days are longer and the nights shorter. This means in general people watch TV less in the evening and in primetime in particular. There are also the summer holidays to take into account. You are right to say that young ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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