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Poetic Realism And The Rules Of The Game By Jean Renoir - Movie Review Example

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French cinema’s Poetic realism of the middle of the 1930s is a great example of truly sensual and beautiful cinema. The paper "Poetic Realism And The Rules Of The Game By Jean Renoir" discusses one of the brightest examples of poetic realism “The Rules of the Game” by Jean Renoir…
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Poetic Realism And The Rules Of The Game By Jean Renoir
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Download file to see previous pages It is widely regarded difficult to maintain and establish strict borders of poetic realism but most surely it gained a lot from the French literature of the 19th century. Most of all it is Balzac and Zola which developed a new vision on the matter of simple human life and its true complexity and tragic yet live nature. The love triangle that is the plot center of “The Rules of the Game” tells us that great feeling is always doomed due to its complexity and enormously exciting power. The ending of the movie reminds of Deus Ex Machina but really something terrible could be felt during the entire movie and such tremendous stress and complexity between human relationships is a great way of showing how elementary and common life aspects can eventually lead to the tragic end. What starts romantically and joyfully ends with the horrible "accident" that is sure can be considered a Destiny's action. However such destiny or better say pessimistic theorem of French poetic realism is one of the main components of this genre because almost every central hero in the films of this tradition ends dead or broken in somehow another way. But above that “The Rules of the Game” are different from the other pictures of poetic realism because it shows not lower social classes but high ones though their problems appear to be the same because they are pan-human. The visual aspect of the Rules of the Game, as well as other poetic realism films, has a great part which is obvious because of its movie and not a book. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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