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An Op-ed - Assignment Example

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As a person who was donating money to Komen regularly for the last five years I feel disappointed and frustrated. It is clear that in…
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An Op-ed assignment
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Download file to see previous pages I guess that the organization that works to improve women`s health of all classes and social levels and which attracts public must be responsible when making such controversial decisions and must give report to the public. It seems to me that it would me reasonable to find out the opinion of donators and then make such drastic changes.
The problem of breast cancer is familiar to me as I support a person who is fighting with this horrible disease. She is my sister whose diagnosis became a shock for the entire family as she was raising to little kids herself at that moment. When I got involved into daily care about my sister I realized how much could have been done if the screening had been conducted earlier and the tumor had been detected earlier. But we lived in the area where there was no opportunity to receive decent medical consultation or at least reliable information. My sister raised two daughters herself and the threat that someday they can become victims of this horrible disease pushed me to make some real changes. And instead of thinking about alternative ways of events for our family I have decided to make material contribution to the solution of the problem. So all I want to say is that for the people who deal closely with cancer and who made efforts to change something being only ordinary citizens such global changes proved that it is impossible to rely on some funds like these, unfortunately.
The mission of Planned Parenthood was in sync and in alignment with the mission of Komen- they aimed to provide all the women with equal opportunities for effective treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer. It is well-known that prevention and timely detection is as important as treatment in case of breast cancer. The contribution of Planned Parenthood was obvious and fundamental- it helped to reach the least protected layers of American population: immigrants, those living in remote village areas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Op-Ed Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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