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Social Formations - Essay Example

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Bush of America. The events of this narrative are dated back in the year 2001 whereby a strategy to handle terror attacks in the US was linked to immigration of Latin and…
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Social Formations
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore by making their life hostile there, they would hesitate to migrate into their country hence preventing the alleged across the border terrorism they caused.This article mainly focuses on the Latin as people who cannot easily be incorporated into the society because they are slow to learn the new cultural practices in the new country they have moved into (Aguirre 440-1).
Although this article is dated many years back in history, many security research scholars have based their arguments on it hence supporting its relevance. Some of them include huntington who published his article in the recent 2004 but supported the fact that if the USA has to tackle the problem with national insecurity, then it should regulate the entry of latin immigrants into their country. Huntington made these conclisions at acrucial time when America was in great war against the Al Qaeda terror group while investigating for the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden (Nuñez 107-27).
However some people pose a great opposition against this article claiming that it negatively affect the society and is not the best way to handle terrorism as claimed by the implementing country. Chavez, for example, criticizes the latino threat Narrative in the sense that he says it makes so many unreasonable assumptions about the latins which could pose a great danger to the society at large. According to him the Latins should be allowed into any society including the US and think of their positive effect n the economy and some other positive role they will have to play within their country. Americans should not discriminate the Latins on grounds that they take a long time to get into their system and adopt their culture. It should be understood that the Latins wiil still retain their identity while helping America grow in many aspects upto where it has reached in the present world. With time, the Latins even ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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