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Critical Analysis of a Public Speech by Kevin Rudd - Essay Example

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Public speaking is an art that involves a speaker giving a speech in public with the intention to capture the mind of the listeners and pass the message as the speaker intended. The speaker first studies the listeners of the speech after which the speaker uses speech skills that suit the audience to pass the message…
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Critical Analysis of a Public Speech by Kevin Rudd
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Download file to see previous pages The speaker applies a number of stylistic devices during his speech to make the message as real and practical as possible to the audience. In addition, body language and movement is used to enhance the delivery of the message. This essay will analyze the speech by Kevin Rudd on the topic “Are China and the US doomed to conflict” on the effectiveness of the delivery of the message.
The speaker was Kevin Rudd and the speech was delivered in March 2015. Kevin Rudd is a former prime minister of the Republic of Australia. As a growing young boy, Kevin did not gain interest in working in the fields, a thing that was the norm in his home country, Australia. In his speech, he narrates a story of how his mother, knowing that the son will not gain interest in working in the fields, gave him an idea that he took up (Rudd). He decided to study the Chinese language since according to the newspaper his mother gave him when he was fourteen, the headline stating that China was entering the United Nation (Rudd). By providing this information, the former prime minister was establishing the foundation of the success of the country of China. This informed the audience why China was rising and the inspiration for studying the Chinese language. By providing the newspaper title, the speaker was establishing his credibility (Jaffe), showing the audience how much informed he was on the developments in China. The use of an allegory provided the attention he expected from the audience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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