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Management Communications/ Discussion questions - Coursework Example

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When effective communication is absent, the message that is conveyed may become a frustration, misunderstanding, a disaster, or even an error by being poorly delivered or misinterpreted…
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Management Communications/ Discussion questions
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Download file to see previous pages In thecurrentenvironment that is highly technological and informational has led to increasingly need for the people to possess good communication skills.
The communication skills are extremely important to the success of an organization since it has an impact on what the people understand regarding an organization and the response and support the people give it as well (Baack, 2012). Any effective communication that is not offensive or critical of other people is a very important factor in the management of the organization. A leader who is successful will give inspiration to others so that they can do better and attain higher goals. The leaders who are most effective lead their followers by example. The leader will also understand the need for delegating the responsibilities in such a way that the staff is very motivated.
As many people proceed with the struggle, their incapability of communicating effectively will bar them in severalspheres of their livessuch as in careers, and in personal and social relationships. Currently, the recruiters carry out a targeted vivid search for leaders who are effective and have excellent communication skills since they have the knowledge regarding this kind of probable ringmasters and how they get a team motivated and extremely enthusiastic. They look for recruits who have the potential to assist the members of staff to feelconfidentandexcel. A leader that is effective permits the workforce to embrace the situation they are in. The focus of the leaders is on the strengths and talents while praising them due to the hard work and the efforts that they bring into the arena (Miller & Gordon, 2014). The recruiters are also in search for leaders that are strong and can acknowledge weaknesses in other people and assist them carry out normal routine with the weakness with utmost dignity, realizing their strengths and assisting them to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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